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Abdominoplasty: Known as Tummy Tuck ha sido diseñado para mejorar el contorno abdominal, this procedure is designed to improve the abdominal contour, removing sagging skin and excess fat in the lower part of the abdomen.

Liposuction / Lipoesculpture: Is a surgical technique that removes unsightly fat deposits in certain areas of the body.

Arms / Brachioplasty: The ideal candidate for this surgery, is a patient with sagging and significant excess of skin, as well as poor skin elasticity in this area.

Buttock Augmentation / Gluteoplasty:
This procedure can be performed in two ways; placing silicone gel implants designed specifically for the buttock or a combined technique of liposuction and then lipoinjection.

Legs / Crural Lifting: Is a surgical procedure designed to improve the shape and texture of the legs, to correct and reduce the volume of the legs and thighs after weight reduction or simply to improve body contour.

Case 1: Liposuction
Case 2: Abdominoplasty
Case 3: Abdominoplasty
Case 4: Abdominoplasty
Case 5: Abdominoplasty